PilotTV Media Company is Taiwan’s leading digital signage operator and digital out-of-home (DOOH) media provider. It is also one of world’s leader, in innovation and in scale, in audience analytics applications. With its innovative and disruptive cost-per-view (CPV) model, PilotTV has redefined DOOH media expectations from merely digital content delivery to digitally measured audience engagement.

PilotTV’s media measures daily viewers of 7.76 million, and its media reaches one out of every two persons in Taiwan on daily basis. Its digital place-based networks are deployed in well-known convenience chains, fast food and casual dining restaurants, pharmaceutical outlets, and local metros. Totaling over seven thousand signs and continuing to expand.

Media Services

Digital Signage Innovator

Consumer Big Data

Smart retail & Internet-of-Things

DOOH audience metrics

Audience engagement & behavioral analytics

Management Team

PilotTV’s efficient team consists of system integration and innovation, media sales and marketing, signage operations and venue services, and content planning and productions. Its business model strives in extracting potential media values from heavily trafficked retail locations, and share them with retailers and resource contributors, to achieve sustainable signage operation and positively evolving media-scape. The infrastructure and insights from PilotTV’s signage installations may also futurize the retail venues for IoT, smart-store applications, with which PilotTV will partake in the future developments of out-of-home media and beyond.